Find out and answer yourself the following questions:

There N-TV or Lady Gaga are on TV.

HERE all others are cheering you when you do your last repetitions of the workout.


There are cardio exercisers that indicate that you are going too fast.

WE have coaches that motivate you to go faster during your workout.


There are mirrors.

WE have coaches who tell you how to perform the movements correctly.


There are stationary training machines that control your movements and set limits to your musculoskeletal system. 

WE help you through professional coaching to mobilize your musculoskeletal system through free movements that are not guided by machines..


There are stationary exercise machines for leg presses and biceps training.

WE do weightlifting, squats and deadlifts, etc. that helps you building a considerably solid strength for your daily life.


There they are selling memberships and hope that you won´t show up often.

WE want you to come for training as often as possible for you, because it will help you changing your life.


There you are exercising for 20 minutes within 2 hours.

WE have a 2 hours training session within 20 minutes.


There is important to look good.

WE are training for a better quality of life.

Decide what you really want to do. CrossFit can change your life!