Step 1 "Free Trial Class":

Try a free trial class! The trial class is a 60-minute training session that provides you the possibility of getting to know our box and the community. You will get an insight into the training method and the philosophy of the sport of fitness. You surely don´t have to be afraid - our coaches will keep an eye on you, to make sure that you can perform all movements according to your training level without any problems. Simply register now via the link below and sign up for a Basic-Class of your choice. In case that all Basic-Classes are booked, please sign up anyway. You will be placed on a waiting list and chances are good to move up. In case that all Basic-Classes don’t match your schedule, please contact us via the contact form and we will find another solution for your trial class.

Please bring sportswear, sport shoes (low damping!), a towel and water (with magnesium) with you. Important: Please don´t come with an empty stomach! Have a snack, such as a banana, before the WOD. Now you are ready to start! :)

Step 2 "Trial Month":

Did you like your trial class? Then try a trial month (61,00€). A trail month is obligatory for all CrossFit beginners to get started with the regular WOD classes. During your trial month, you can visit our Basic Classes twice a week, for four weeks. During the Basic Classes you will learn the basic training elements of CrossFit and you will be able to perform all movements in a technically correct and therefore healthy way. Of course, during each Basic Class you will perform a workout. You enjoyed your trial month? After 4 weeks you can decide whether you want to become a member of our box.


Step 3 "CrossFit can be with you":

CrossFit really got you?! Start a membership at CrossFit-Passau and become part of our community.  Our regular WODs are waiting for you!