1. Use the Online-Registration

Everybody who is registered, can participate in the classes!

Attention: You can only register for the classes 5 days in advance. Latest possible cancellation is 2h prior to start of the class. 

2. Arrive on Time... Stay late
Please be on time. You are welcome to stay a little longer. Being late will add some Burpees to your warm up! 

3. Leave Your Ego At The Door
There will always be someone faster and stronger than you. And if not, please don´t make others feel that you are better. 

4. Respect Others
Please respect all other athletes and coaches. Introduce yourself to new people in the box and treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. During the class, please listen to the coach!

5. It is YOUR Box
Please treat the equipment and the facility with care – for yourself and for others. 

6. Clean Up
Your Equipment, your chalk, your sweat, etc., - please clean up after the WOD! If you don´t respect this rule, you have to do 100 BURPEES.

7. Have Fun
Give 100% during the WOD, but have fun. If you don´t feel good, please tell the coach immediately.

8. Don’t Cheat
Be honest and fair – with others and yourself. Keep your movements technically clean and count your reps correctly. And don´t forget: You are training just for yourself.

9. The last to finish gets the loudest cheers
We are one Team! Cheer others during their workout, when you are already done or about to get it started.

10. Track your Score
Record your score on the whiteboard and in your Training diary (e.g. our WOD-LOG). This will help you to track your progress and get constantly better.



11. No Cell Phones
During the classes, please focus on the training. Switch off your cell phone or leave it in the changing room.



12. Feedback
Please help us to improve our box. If you have questions, critique, praise, ideas, proposals or other messages, please talk to us. You can as well use our Feedback-Box.